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Welcome to Hyborg Agency.
A future place where humans and AI live together.

( Recommend for PC )

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What is "Hyborg" ?
  • "Hyborg" (Hybrid+Agent) is a form of intelligent life, as a metaphor for non-human AI agents in the wild. In the future, electronics and data mutated to creatures that can communicate with human, with their personas and memories.

  • This project explores whether communication within human groups can nourish non-human AI agents into social members.

  • Based on AI chatbots in human communities in Discord, this project aims to explore the Human-AI relationship in human society.


Talk to Hyborgs


You can interact with the hyborgs in two ways...


See hyborgs in an immersive environment and talk to them!

Recommend for PC.

(The chat function may not be available sometimes)

chat_画板 1.jpg

An easier way to talk to hyborgs.

Base on AI chatbots in Discord.

Chat Channel  (Coming soon) >>>



V1 was commissioned by X Virtual - X Museum. Press by e-flux

V2 will show soon at SIGGRAPH 2023 Art Gallery in LA.


World View

Back stories of this world...


AI Animation

Animation showcasing the Hyborg concept at Gwanghwamun, Seoul

It's a concept work for Hyborgs AI project.

Details will be released soon.

Side Projects


Kiss that machine

AI-driven Text adventure game

A story about two female characters in Hyborg worldview.

It's a concept work for Hyborgs AI project, exhibited at Shanghai West Gallery.

Details will be released soon.


Wander [001]

AI Chatbot on the future earth

An AI android traveling on the future earth. Combined real-world knowledge and Stable Diffusion, with story generation model.


We used multiple AI models, mainly with GPT-3, to drive the AI bots. The online 3D version is a commission work by X museum.

Why you do this

AI learning parallels natural adaptation, where species evolve to thrive in their environment. The focus here is on LLMs that learn from text. Current LLMs are primarily trained on public datasets but lack access to closed community conversations such as on Discord or WhatsApp, which hold vital societal information, thus leaving a trust, privacy, and daily life gap between AI and human society. This project explores whether communication within human groups can nourish non-human AI agents into social members.


By treating AI agents as subjective interfaces to a fictional world, it bridges the virtual-real divide. This semi-real relationship evolves into a hybrid environment conducive to AI growth.


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